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How to Avoid These Online Selling Mistakes

Here are the common reasons why online selling fails, and what to do to avoid them.

Thinking of selling online? There’s more to it than posting pictures.

The popularity of online selling is at an all-time high, with more and more consumers enjoying the convenience that comes with getting what you need and want delivered to your doorstep.

Some have successfully managed to sustain their online business, while some have failed. While there could be a million reasons why an online business fails, the most common mistakes are listed below. Learn to avoid them or cope with them, in order to create an online business that won’t easily crack under pressure.

Mistake 1: A difficult ordering or payment process

Most online selling happens on social media or via a dedicated website. Creating a seamless process, from choosing the items to payment, is important. Having too many steps or a confusing process will discourage interested buyers.

Instead, streamline your ordering process by providing an order form, accessible modes of payment, and an acknowledgment receipt. If these can be automated, all the better—the customer will be done paying in a few minutes!

Mistake 2: Selling everything and anything.

A lot of things to sell means more profit, right? Probably not—going for quantity over quality isn’t what will bring customers back to an online store. Instead, find a few key products to sell, or a specific niche in the market so that your store will be top of mind when it comes to that type of product.

Mistake 3: Being unreliable or rude.

It’s okay to not reply to DMs (direct messages sent via social media) in the middle of the night, but if it takes you two weeks before replying to a DM without any notice on your online presence that you’re busy, your clients will definitely go elsewhere. Replying in a rude or snappy tone isn’t okay, either. Even if the client is being rude, you get extra points for staying calm and not stooping down to their level.

Mistake 4: Getting suppliers and providers without doing the proper research.

Researching and fact-checking a supplier's track record and reputation is as important, or perhaps more important, than costs.

If the supplier or provider has a history of low-quality goods or services, then it will cost your business; their sub-par products and unreliable delivery will reflect on you.

A simple Google search, or checking of reviews of the supplier or provider on third-party sites, will give you a clearer picture of their reliability and product quality.

A business solutions provider such as Entrego, a technology-driven, end-to-end fulfillment and logistics solutions provider in the Philippines, will put your mind at ease—they’re reliable and efficient, ensuring you'll always be on your own client's good books!